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Make an offer

The Make an Offer feature is now available for products in the store.

As a "GRAND OPENING", very special occasion, right before the Christmas Holidays, All items in the store have a "Make an Offer" feature to where you can negotiate a price for that product and its' quantity. Our prices are already very competitive which allows us to more reasonable, especially in todays' market. This new feature is amongst many that we can provide for our members. When you sign for an account, which is free, and you "Make an Offer" from the product page that you want, that product will now appear in your "Offer Details" section. We will review the offer and follow up with a response! You have up to 5 offers per item! Below are the sequence of events for making an offer and paying for the item.

  • Create An Account
  • Find an item that you want
  • Click "Make an Offer"
  • Enter the amount and the quantity
  • After sending, if your amount is fair,
  • We accept your offer.
  • Go to the page, and add it the cart.
  • The adjusted amount is already done for you

  • After sending, if your amount is too low, we send you an offer.
  • If you accept our offer.
  • Go to the page, and add it the cart.
  • The adjusted amount is already done for you


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Express Yourself with a Custom Mask

3D Printed Masks are now available for pre-order and custom built just for you!

Click Here to view the Masks page

Perfect for Cosplay, normal wear, and/or Halloween accessory. Express yourself with a mask that is created just for you. Easy to clean, very stable and durable, weather resistant, fade resistant, the straps adjusts, the mask is off of your nose and mouth and allows plenty of ventilation. Comes in an assortment of colors.


  • A High Quality 3D Printed Mask
  • Adjustable strap fittings.
  • Vinyl wrap, weather resistant, and fade resistant.
  • Effective seal around the nose and cheeks that reduce CO2 from rising and fogging glasses.
  • Filter pads, or cloth options.
  • Fabric below the chin to snug around lower jaw, this is great for gents with beards as well.

Custom built and created for you. If you to order more of the same type of mask, please contact us to take advantage offer special offers at that time. If you have a special request for a mask, please contact us!


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View the Gallery

Exclusive pictures, graphics, logos, 3D Models, featured items, and demos.

Please feel free to browse through my gallery where it exhibits exclusive imagery created just for Navalsurfer, that have been created from scratch or maintained and updated, and demos that are produced from different programs, such as: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks, and other programs  Each web graphic that I create comes from inspiration from somewhere. Whether it is a simple logo, a social media graphic, imagery for a page or section, each piece has to capture the gravity of the content it supports.  Below describes the features of the Gallery.


  • Masks: How they are produced, the different types, colors, and how the are produced.

  • Featured Items: These are the items that are listed on the site, but have more of a creative touch, that we believe, merits the achievement of Gallery status

  • Banners: Specifically made for special parts of the site, displaying new sales and offers.

  • Graphics: Imagery that is associated, not only this site, but also the social media platforms, and other digital production.


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Our Newsletters

This is the Welcome Newsletter Sign Up page.

When you sign up for the Newsletter,

You will be the first to be notified when Navalsurfer launches. Please keep an eye out for an October Launch Date, Awesome Grand Opening Offers, and Much More.

The Custom Masks are Pre-Ordered, starting at $49.99! Perfect for Halloween, Cosplay,or Special Occasions, and a custom a design, just for you!

  • News Items
  • Pre-Owned Items
  • Blogs
  • Personal Account
  • Special Offers
  • Gallery & Videos
  • Secured Checkout
  • Much, much more!


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Welcome to Navalsurfer

Naval Surfer is committed to providing each and every customer with the highest standard of customer satisfaction and customer service. We want you to buy with confidence that is why we guarantee the condition and the timely deliver of these items.

  • We Specialize in common and rare items, all at reduced prices.
  • All items will be in stock, and updated daily.
  • All photos will be of the actual item the customer will receive.

Being able to provide the gamers in the world hard to find treasures, aside from Video Games, Gaming Consoles and Accessories, we also carry everything from DVD's, Cell Phone Accessories, and much more.

All items in the store, range from being pre-owned/slightly used, to Brand New.  All product descriptions will provide specific details, as well as having high resolution imagery so the customer can get a better glance at the item they are purchasing. 

New Items:

  • All new items will have their original packaging, with tags, factory sealed, and other features that indicate that it is brand new, unless other wise specified within its own description, such as: New without tags, or Open Box.

Pre-Owned Items:

  • All pre-owned items will be thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and guaranteed to be 100% operational.
  • Any defects, parts, or wholesale items will also be listed but on a specific page to reduce any confusion. 

All payments are processed through paypal, no customer information is recorded through the site. This provides buyers confidence and guarantees that the customers information is safe and secure through each and every transaction.

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